131 S. Gunnison
P.O. Box 621
HWY 149 @ Henson Creek Bridge
Lake City, CO 81235
(970) 944-2394  (mid-May thru September)
Cell (970) 316-1434 or (970) 316-1460

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Lake City is about 55 miles southwest of Gunnison, CO. From Gunnison, take US-50 west to CO-149. Then continue south on CO-149 for about 45 miles until you arrive in Lake City. Once in Lake City, continue south on CO-149 (Gunnison Ave.) for about .6 mile to the park. You will see the park on the right from Henson Creek Bridge. On the big Colorado Map (24.0 KB), which shows a general map of Colorado, the star represents Lake City. On the smaller Gunnison to Lake City Map (9.97 KB) the number "2" symbolizes Lake City. This map shows the main connection between Gunnison and Lake City, CO-149. The Lake City Map (11.2 KB) shows a more specific map of Lake City, with the Henson Creek RV Park represented with the star. 

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